I’m an official Blogger!!!

Today I have a big presentation – for the “Why the Difference” conference in St Paul. http://minerva.stkate.edu/sciencetech.nsf/pages/wtdflyer I’m a little nervous and I practiced my “speech” last night and its about 10 minutes too long. So now I have a couple of hours to edit and then I’ll just go for it!!! (Pray for me!)


This weekend is the 4th of July shopping weekend – I’ll be broke, but maybe I can find a few clearance sales somewhere. I found a list on somebody’s website of the things that are “must haves” for summer 2006. I’m trying to base my summer shopping on this list – yet I hold on to my clothes forever so the items need to fall more along the lines of “classic” than trendy. Anybody have any ideas??? (Is anybody even reading this???)


1. A relaxed (belted) shirt dress
2. Bug-eyed shades
3. Wedge-heeled shoes or espadrilles
4. A crisp white shirt or floaty peasant style top
5. A crochet or lace top or dress
6. A trench coat
7. A floral top or dress
8. City shorts
9. An oversized bag
10. A stripy top, skirt or dress
11. A garment or accessory in a bright colour
12. A wide waisted belt – 50s style!



Here’s my “find of the day”. You know – the item you wish you could buy right now!!!! Saw these in the latest issue of Essence – enjoy!!!   (by Sergio Rossi)



And if you thought it couldn’t get any better… check out this article from the fashionweeklydaily.com website:



Shoe Me Up, Shoe Me Down
Let the shoes come to you with Sergio Rossi’s new emergency service

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

(NEW YORK) Nothing fabulous ever happens at the shoe repair shop, so why bother going there?

Maybe your kitten heel fell into the abyss, or a stiletto was shredded by a sewer grate. What’s a resourceful chic-ette to do? Call Shoe-911 and have the shoe-fairy come to you! Sergio Rossi’s new emergency shoe service will come to the rescue anywhere in Manhattan or Beverly Hills—within two hours—with a selection of chic kickers for any occasion. Forgot about that black tie gala tonight and you’re in flats? Call (888) 4-Shoe-911 and start sole-searching from the comfort of your home or office.


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