How to dress in MN…

Today’s blog is dedicated to Sharifa who will probably complain about my item of the day and how it wouldn’t look cute on her for whatever reason… 🙂


Can someone please tell me how to dress for Minnesota weather in the summer? You leave for work at 7AM and its barely 60 degrees outside. By the time you are walking back to the bus stop at the end of the day, its 85 degrees. So either you freeze in the morning or you are sweating in the afternoon with long sleeves on or a jacket that you don’t really want to wear but are too tired to carry around…


So… the BET Awards were last night. Yeah. Whatever. I missed half of it and from what I hear, the parts I missed weren’t too much better than the parts I saw. The sound was horrible and the foggy, fuzzy picture quality made me think I was looking at a club with a gang of folks smoking weed or something. I think I am becoming a Chris Brown fan, he’s about 20 years too young for me, but he’s such a cutie. Keyshia Cole is my girl, she sings that song like KNOWS what she is talking about. Like she went through something and has all that emotion built up inside of her. And as for Beyonce – well, you can’t even hate. She has it going on. Chaka sounded good and while I wished T.I. would pull up his pants, I was impressed at how he worked around the mishaps that occured during his performance.


On a brighter note – today’s item of the day is a Marc Jacobs solid cotton crinkle dress (found on The bright blue material is absolutely beautiful and the fit is perfectly in line with the season’s current trends.

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