Which would you choose – Honesty or $100k???

Today’s blog is about honesty and ethics (this one goes out to my morning bus driver and her two victims).


This morning I was on the express bus, route 673, which is a straight freeway shot into downtown. The driver, who seems to either have a poor ability to calculate braking distance or a largely distracted sense of attention, was going way too fast in the car pool lane. As we approached stand still traffic at a speed much higher than would be recommended she was forced to slam on her brakes and veer far left towards the inner shoulder where she stopped a couple of feet short of the car in front of her. Within seconds a female passenger rolled from the first front facing seat and after a few tumbles her body slammed into the farebox and slumped into what had to be a very uncomfortable position. At the same time, a young man seated in the center rear seat was thrown forward and he tumbled down the aisle, rolling over a few times before coming to a stop. As the shock began to wear off and the woman gathered herself with the help of two strangers, the man stood up and began to attempt to dust off the dirt that had now become a part of his yellow polo shirt. The driver, still in shock asked the woman if she was ok (I don’t believe she even noticed the man) and after everyone was seated, she began to drive again, keeping a 30 foot (or more) distance between herself and the car ahead. Numerous passengers immediately whipped out their cell phones and pads of paper to exchange information as first hand witnesses of this event.


The woman and man probably will be sore in the morning and may even have some sort of injuries. They both claimed to be ok at the time of the incident, but if they were to file a law suit against the transit company, I’m sure they would be nicely compensated, possibly even up to $100k or better. While I could definitely use some change, I doubt I could get much for my small scratches that were on my ankle from when the lady rolled past (so minor that they were no longer visible 30 minutes after the incident). So what would you do in this situation if you were thrown to the front of the bus, knew that you had no injuries, no bruises, no soreness, but everything LOOKED bad enough for you to feign all of that later on? Would you walk into the transit office wearing your grandma’s old neck brace from that accident in 1994? Would you sue immediately with thoughts of paying off your car and those dreaded student loans? Or would you just thank God for your safety and the safety of all the other lives on that bus? It seems that everyday we read about lawsuits and the people who deserve to win for their loss and the people who make a living off winning at some innocent person’s expense. Could your ethics and morals and honesty to self and others be bought out for a huge, yet simple $100k??? If so, you need to open up your Good Book right this moment… LOL


And the item of the day is………………


Joe’s Jeans in the ‘Honey’ bootcut fit (shown in the dark indigo wash called Gigi). That has to be the best jean out there for the girls with the hips/butt that are a bit bigger than your waist says they should be! Nordstrom sells a regular rigid denim and a stretch fit in quite a few different washes. The ‘Muse’ wider-leg fit is a good one also – go down a size (buy the stretch denim, of course) and after wearing them for a full day they are perfectly molded.

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