Can someone just buy me a car?

I WAS on a roll, but I guess I fell off. But I had two good reasons – 1: nobody reads this blog, and 2: I have been trying to buy a car.

 Buying a car is NOT fun. The only fun is test driving and actually riding off with the new car before the payments start to sink in. I decided to lease again, which means my payments will be much lower than a lot of my friends, but I have to give my car to some strange person 2 years from now, never to be seen again. I don’t seem to get that attached to my vehicles so I doubt that will be too serious of a problem. The hardest part is choosing one. I set my budget and then I think abut all the things I can add for “just a little” more and the next thing you know I’m $150 (per month) over budget and can’t get back on track!

 Needless to say this whole process has been driving me up a wall. I wish I were in a Lexus commercial where you walk outside and there is a pretty Lexus with a red bow waiting for me in front of the house! Oh, that would be wonderful. Then I can erase all the emails and shred all the papers and stop thinking about what the heck I am going to drive! But since life is not scripted like a tv commercial, I must go and fight the men and women who seemingly control my budget… life sucks…

 Since I’m daydreaming I may as well force anyone else curious enough to land on this website to do the same. Here’s the item of the day… the shoe that I am in love with. But whoever said “love don’t cost a thing” lied to me… On sale at for the low, low price of $680… ugh…

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