Before I Die…

I am sitting here looking at the screensaver on my cell phone (that is often referred to as a laptop). It is a picture of a few buildings and a canal in Venice, Italy.


What is so special about Venice? I really can’t tell you what it is, but Venice has always been this magical place in my mind. A place that would be wonderful to walk around. A place that is full of romance, mystery, history and ancient beauty. I have always said that before I die the one thing I MUST accomplish, is a trip to Venice. And I still dream of that day.


That made me think – other than my unplanned trip to Venice – are there any other things I must do before I die? I’ve never thought about it… so I guess i will brainstorm now…


– Learn to swim GOOD, simply hanging around the surface and making it half-way across the pool doesn’t really count.


– Work out for 4 days out of one week. And actually stick with a yoga class for longer than 3 weeks straight…


– Hit up at least one city in every state that I haven’t been to yet


– Take a long road strip with Sharon (watch out Oprah and Gail!!!!)


– Walk down the aisle towards a man who has nothing but love in his eyes for me


– Find a job that I LOVE to wake up and do every day


– Stop talking about how much I could save and DO IT


– Spend a few days on a secluded island where there is no TV, no night-club, no cell phone, no computer… just peace and trainquility… and a good man!! 🙂


– And last but not least – break down and buy one of the things I post on here as an item of the day!!!


Todays item is a ring that I abslutely LOVE! Its the Cartier LOVE Ring (how appropriate) in White Gold with diamonds.


Share your thoughts here!

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