I Love Gossip!

Today’s blog goes out to Summer cause she got me hooked on these gossip blog sites!!! Why is good gossip like witnessing a train wreck in the middle of the afternoon? You just stand there, jaw on the floor, staring at the scene with no words to say. Why am I (hell, why are WE – cause I’m not alone in this!!) so engrossed in the mishaps of other people’s lives? Sometimes I feel bad because I am wondering if my shock is accompanied by a slight feeling of satisfaction that having lots of money doesn’t make life that much more simple. Almost as if they are brought back, through their embarrassment, to the world of the “normal” people like you and me. Quite often it’s a sad sight and an even sadder story, soon to be forgotten when the next celebrity loses his/her mind.


This past weekend I had a wonderful Saturday morning breakfast with my boyfriend from our room overlooking Lake Michigan from high atop the Ritz Carlton Hotel in downtown Chicago. When he left to go to work for the rest of the weekend, I was so excited that I had a room, a decent novel and the whole city of Chicago all to myself for the next 24 hours. Needless to say I was ready! I got dressed, headed out to do some shopping, hit up Michigan Ave., met some friends fro an early Chicago style pizza dinner and headed back to my hotel for a nap. What was supposed to be an hour long nap turned into 4 hours of dream land. I woke up around 11PM, slightly hungry but VERY disoriented. By the time I found the room service menu in the hotels guest guide, I was already fast asleep. My next awakening was 2AM, no time to party, nowhere to eat and nobody to watch on TV besides Suzi Orman (who I would normally enjoy watching at ANY other time of the day). So I wasted an entire evening in that beautiful city. Now I feel the need to go back again and redo that whole day.


The one thing I took home from Chicago, was a mental image of a bracelet in the Tiffany display case in the hotel lobby. This bracelet, which is the item of the day, is from the Frank Gehry Collection and is by far one of the most beautiful pieces of silver jewelry I have seen. The one in the lobby was all silver, but the Tiffany website showed an even better version. This is the bracelet and the website description. If anyone wants to get this for me for Christmas, just let me know!!! 🙂


Frank Gehry® Fish bracelet with toggle clasp. Macassar ebony, acacia, satine, amaretto, pernambuco, and ebony woods. Sterling silver. 7.75″ long.


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