First day using Live Writer

So I found out about this live writer program that is supposed to make blogging on Live easier. We’ll just have to see how that works. After too many failed attempts to organize my photos (so that my blog photos don’t show up also) I had come to the sad conclusion that I either needed to give up or move over to a new blogging site. (Since reading instructions never crossed my mind…)

Today I’m tired. I could run down a list of things that make me tired, but I’ll spare you (and me) the gruesome details and just say “I’m tired”. I’ve been doing a lot of blog surfing lately and there are people out there with a lot to say and a lot going on in their lives. Maybe reading their drama is what made me tired… but being nosey is so much fun!!!

Today was an email day for the girls. We were all on point! We talked about everything, including what I wore to work. I didn’t plan to keep the gym shoes on all day, so I wasn’t worried about my sock selection this morning. But by the afternoon, I was officially in violation of numerous fashion codes.

I should have known better. I know, I know… white socks and all black is only ok when worn by Michael Jackson. There’s nothing I can do about it now so let it go. The day is over.

This weekend I will be missing my alma maters homecoming (that would be the one at Tennessee State  – I doubt I would ever go back to State College for a homecoming unless I was already living there). I was really excited to go, until last week. It was like one day I woke up and my mind said “spare me the trouble, you have overworked me all month”. So I agreed and decided to lay low. Instead, I will be in Birmingham hopefully enjoying the weather (please stay warm) and spending time with “the family”. I am going to start including photos of the places I travel. I have racked up about 50k frequent flier miles this year alone… the last trip was 2 weeks ago. We went to Chicago and had a wonderful time. This was the view from our room at the Ritz Carlton Hotel… you can see Lake Michigan and Navy Pier… it was sooo beautiful!

Today I need to show a real item of the day because I need a new top and it must be something I can afford! I want to get something cute to wear since my boyfriend claims he is taking me out. I’m really liking these ultra-feminine tops, but I get cold easily so the sweaters and elbow sleeve jackets are catching my eye. After endless online searching, I’m thinking about this top…

  or this one…  

…with a dark pair of Joe’s Jeans. Hmmmm, I’ve got a few days to think about this one…

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