Birmingham, AL and the "Magic City Classic"

Whew, I’m back from the ‘Ham (the affectionate term for the “lovely” city of Birmingham, AL).

The Magic City Classic game was horrible. At least for everyone (like me) seated on the  side of the field. ASU was in desperate need of some sort of magical “spirit” while saw the glimpse of weakness and crushed them with no hesitation.

At least, that is what I got out of it.  After a few hours of tailgating and two plates of Uncle Greg’s baked beans, baked corn, barbeque chicken, fried chicken, hot sausages, nacho chips and cheese and potato salad – a football game was the last thing on my mind. As I sat in the sun with no eye protection, my focus could not remain on the game. All I kept thinking about was my Dad telling me as a kid that not wearing sunglasses makes you squint and that will lead to wrinkles all over your face way too soon in life. And when I wasn’t focused on anti-aging, the Alabama Classic fashion was the center of my attention.

I saw everything from a pimp decked out in his school colors,

to a Diana Ross wanna be,

a man wearing some sort of dead animal family,

and another wearing a suede halter style vest.

The majorettes looked like strippers with sequins and the dance routine (for ASU) was like a routine from the last official Freak-Nic (yes, the moves were THAT old).

All in all, it was a great weekend. Sunday was all about relaxation and family. We hung out at the house, shot ball outside, played on the swings, rode bikes and just enjoyed the warm weather. This is a pic of me enjoying myself in the backyard. I don’t like the pic very much, but the trees in the background look so cool, I had to post it!

Cherish in the backyard Bham

 The item of the day was supposed to be a past item but I never got around to it. Anyway, I bought these boots and wore them and got compliments all day!!! I flew from Minneapolis to Memphis to Birmingham and wore them from 6AM in MSP until 8PM in Bham and they were just fine. No pain at all and that is great for a 3″ heel! (I did cheat a little – I had a Dr Scholl’s Gel insert in the boot). I got them from the Downtown Minneapolis Macy’s in dark brown leather with a rose colored tweed trim. You can get them on Zappos if you are brave enough to wear a boot this funky!

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