Do your friends crack jokes too?

So here’s the story… Yesterday I woke up feeling “festive”… and for no apparent reason. It was just one of those days where I decided I was going to make the best of it. I was not going to feel down or sad or depressed in anyway. And to make sure of that, I wanted to wear something so glamorous that it made me sparkle on the inside. That is how I came up with the crazy idea to wear sequins to work.

Anyone who works in corporate America knows that there are rules, spoken and unspoken, about what is appropriate. But sequins, being in that unspoken area, were a risk I was willing to take. So as a self dare, I put my outfit together. Antik Denim jeans with navy and white trim, a white shirt with bell sleeves and a navy sequined tank style top that I was going to use as a sweater vest. I did keep it simple with the shoes, and went with your basic black boots. Can’t scare the coworkers too much, you know. So this is what I looked like… (Notice me looking busy in the second pic. It’s not easy to take a pic of your butt at work without looking a bit suspicious so I acted as if I were doing something!)

All day long, I caught everyone’s eye. It was our company kick-off day for our huge annual United Way Campaign so I looked very celebratory! People on the skyways stared and smiled and coming around the corner at work a group of young ladies screamed “Oh, I LOVE that shirt!!!”. I was feeling great about my outfit and even better, I was making people smile, which made me feel really good. Then I got the call from my beloved cousin Gabbi (pictured below with my adorable baby cousin BJ)… I swear she tore me off of my “I am looking so HOT today” pedestal and brought me back to reality…

So Gabbi calls – in response to my email showing pictures of my glammed out attire for the day – and in a serious tone, asks if I am representing our alma mater by wearing one of the Tennessee State University majorette uniforms… I laughed so hard I almost died. Now I have these recurring mental images of “The Sophisticated Ladies” dancing on the field loaded down with sequins! For those of you who have never seen them, here are some photos… nice, huh? LOL, yeah right – I think my outfit was way better…

So while I am still feeling the upcoming holiday spirit, I’ll stick with it and present you with an item of the day that will make you the belle of the ball (or the company Christmas party at least). This dress by L.A.M.B. caught my eye instantly. And if you follow Summer’s suggestions of pairing it with a red belt or funky, brightly colored shoe, you can take it to a whole new level!!

<a href="″&gt;Buy this dress on

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