Toledo, OH by way of Detroit, MI

This past weekend was hectic, last minute and unfortunately/yet excitingly that is what I now call “typical”. Thursday evening Rickey called to ask if I wanted to go to Toledo, since he had a show there on Saturday. That’s about an hour away from my hometown (Detroit) so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to head home AND get to visit a “new” city (I’ve never hung out in Toledo). So Friday morning I woke up and hopped my sick self on a plane to Detroit. (I really was sick when I woke up and called in sick… I just happened to feel better by the afternoon… REALLY!)

It was extremely last minute and anyone who knows me knows that I can be soooo overanalytical when it comes to last minute decisions. After spending an hour analyzing my flight options and whether I wanted to try and squeeze in a few hours of work, I decided to just catch the next available flight that I had time to make. The flight price was $1,193 (not gonna happen) but they would allow me to use 25,000 miles to buy the ticket, even at the last minute. So that was my only option. With much hesitation, I used 25,000 of my remaining 28,000 miles and “bought” the ticket. God obviously was guiding my hesitation because not long after I landed, I got an email message from Sharon about the afternoon flight I was originally considering had I gone to work for half the day… SMOKE SCARE ON NWA FLIGHT.

So I finally make it to Detroit and go straight to Aunt Shelley’s where we laugh at Wendy Williams and how crazy she is, and laugh at Ellen Degeneres when she embarrasses Janet by calling JD and asking if he’ll marry her. Later on we go up to Chili’s (which I absolutely HATE – except for the Margaritas) and eat with Daddy and Tanya who had just come from work and posed for this oh, so cute photo…

Saturday afternoon Rickey and Dee made it to town and after picking them up from the airport and saying hi/bye to the fam, we hit up Fishbones in downtown Detroit and after eating, while Rickey napped, Dee and I took in the sites. This is her silly pose in front of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, which happens to be in the International Center Building where the restaurant and hotel were located. (You can barely see the waterfall… I gotta figure out how to work my camera in dark places.)

That night we drove to Toledo, OH for the show and came right back to Detroit afterwards. I was exhausted. Since it was dark and I was behind the wheel, I couldn’t get any good pics. While Rickey was meeting and greeting after the show, the girls were cruising the streets and looking for something interesting. Other than a few fun looking restaurants and bars scattered around, it was like any other small town in the North and needless to say we weren’t very impressed. This is the one picture I snapped – the Clayton Street bridge from downtown.

And that was it for my weekend. I got back to Minneapolis on Sunday morning and crashed until about 6PM. I know – BOOO. Tomorrow I leave for the rest of the week in Denver. Its the GreenBuild Expo and this is my first time in Denver so I’m very excited. Look for some pics in the next few days!!!

In honor of my trip to Denver, I’m going to add these to my Item of the Day Wish List – SNOW BOOTS. I live in Minnesota and I don’t have a real pair of snow boots… go figure. But I won’t let it worry me now because the weather in Denver is supposed to be “winter-nice” and I’m going to hope it stays that way all week!

For my plane jane friends – here is a tame yet cute version of the snow boot by Technica available at Nordstrom…

And for those who are a bit more sporty, like myself, Zappos features this pair by Timberland (and they are on sale!)…

See you in a few days!

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