Back from Denver!

Hey people! I made it back from Denver Sunday. It was a great trip to a beautiful city! I attended the 2006 USGBC Greenbuild Expo at the Convention center with over 12,000 other environmentally conscious people from around the globe. They have already started planning next year’s conference in Los Angeles and I cant wait!!

Here are some photos from the city of Denver! (I took the nighttime and skyline shots and the day shots were taken by my coworker Tina). I was absolutely in love with the big blue bear peeking into the convention center! (click the photos for more details on the city)

As you can see, it was a nice trip! The last photo was the Denver Art Museum that Tina toured while I was at the spa. I insist this building looks like a crumpled piece of paper that God was throwing into the trash can and he missed. Very interesting…

I didn’t do much shopping in Denver but I did a lot of looking and window gazing. My funds were limited after discovering a Macy’s One Day Sale just hours before leaving Minneapolis on Tuesday afternoon. With 50% off the CLEARANCE prices, I couldn’t hold back. My greatest find? A pair of cropped Joe’s Jeans regularly priced at $154, on sale for $19.

Saturday afternoon, after a massage at the luxurious Hyatt Denver Convention Center hotel spa and a manicure at the nearby Body Massage Center, I was magnetically drawn to the shops just off 16th Street Mall in the Larimer Square area. The shops in that area were so cool – Square 1 (lots of cool stuff on sale), Z Gallerie (like Pier1 after 3 martinis), Mariel, Loft.22 and Octane. When I walked into what became my favorite Denver boutique, Eve, the owner was helping a young woman decide which shoes to wear with a lovely black satin Nicole Miller cocktail dress. After purchasing a pair of earrings, I saw the same dress on my way out and decided to give it a try. The fit was remarkable!!! I was instantly in love and started daydreaming about how good I would look walking into a room wearing that dress. But the price tag gave me reason for much hesitation – $395. After giving me a 15% off coupon and offering to hold it until Monday she almost had me. But I guess reality set in over the weekend and I had to let go of the dream.

I’ve looked at it online about 50 times since then… so I’m going to go ahead and make it the item of the day. It was this Nicole Miller dress in black… *sigh*…. someday…









And that’s all for today – Tomorrow I’m off to Detroit! More stores and pics after the break!

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