Home Sweet Home

I haven’t been in a writing mood this week but I need to get some pics posted before this weekend starts!

Thanksgiving was really nice. I headed back to Detroit and spent some time with the family. My grandmother was upset because I insisted on doing some of the cooking for her so she tried to sabotage my food, hoping nobody would like it! My dad, stepmom and brother always convince me to take a “family photo” on Thanksgiving Day. After adding a few quotes – this photo becomes our annual Christmas card that gets sent out. This year was extra difficult because everyone was in a really silly mood. We must have taken 30 shots before we finally got a good one. Here are some of the pics that didn’t make the cut…

One big happy family, huh? My aunt, dad, grandpa and god-father hung out with me in Flint, MI on Friday night at Rickey’s show. I think they had a bit too much fun – when the music started up, Papa was the first one in the theatre to jump out of his seat and start dancing! I have never seen my grandpa move so fast. It was hilarious. I would have snapped a photo but it happened so fast and by the time the shot set in he was done.

I met up with the girls on Saturday night and we went to The Bamboo Club. It was OK. The drink I had was called a Geisha Martini and it was really good (see pic)…

The calamari appetizer was one of the best ever. But the dinner I ordered, a chicken and asparagus dish with black bean sauce was mediocre. I ate some of everyone else’s food and finished it off with a super rich chocolate cake that I thought I was sharing with Sharon until I realize she had moved the plate directly in front of her and there was only a spoonful of melted ice cream left. Throughout the night I was perplexed about one thing – the waitress was never around to check on us, but Reina’s martini glass stayed FULL. I turned on my internal surveillance and the next time she opened her purse I saw this happen…


you can take the girl out of Detroit, but you can never take the Detroit out of the girl…

Before we left the restaurant to go see Deja Vu at the nearby theatre, we had a waiter take our picture – don’t we look lovely??? (I won’t comment on the movie – that might give it away for people like Sharon who slept through it the first time and now have to see it again!)

Since I’ve been on this blazer kick all year, I can’t help but want more and more of them! This velvet blazer by Burberry caught my eye and held it! Its a perfect cut, classy and elegant but the tortoiseshell button chain keeps it from looking too dressy. At $745 its way out of my price range… but I can just picture myself out on the town. I found it on the net-a-porter.com website.

Burberry Velvet Blazer 

And this raincoat by Adidas is so cute! Adidas is branching out from basic sportswear in a BIG way. The website is really cool too so be sure to check that out!

Adidas Originals Website

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