I am caving in…

OK, so its barely 2 full weeks into the new year and I’m about to kill my half-hearted New Years resolution to curb myshopping habit. For good reason of course… I have been watching two pair of shoes for MONTHS. I posted the knee boot version back in late Summer but these pumps have been weighing heavily on my mind since I first saw them in the window of the Dallas Galleria Gucci store. Then Sharon and April call at 1 AM Monday morning and Sharon mentions that she is looking at “my shoes” online for under $200. I immediately jump out of bed and power up the laptop – for this is a serious emergency!!!

The first is the Gucci Jerry Pump – originally priced at $495 – Now on sale for $205. Just in case my dad is reading this – its called an INVESTMENT. You’ve been trying to give me away for years and honestly, a shoe like this may help your cause. Or it could at least make me feel better about my own father trying to get rid of me – and I do have a birthday coming up very soon!!

<a href="http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCTprd_id=845524446142213&FOLDERfolder_id=282574492047885&ASSORTMENTast_id=1408474395222441ev19=1:1″&gt;

The second hottest pump is the Gucci Veruska, originally priced at $450 for patent, $425 for denim (which in my mind takes first place simply because I heard its the significantly more comfortable of the two styles).

<a href="http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?FOLDERfolder_id=282574492047885&PRODUCTprd_id=845524446140240&in_merch=1&sid=10DAA9CE90FA&P_name=Gucci&R=883339260396&ASSORTMENTast_id=1408474395222441&bmUID=1158208740917″&gt; <a href="http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCTprd_id=845524446140250&FOLDERfolder_id=282574492047885&ASSORTMENTast_id=1408474395222441&bmUID=1153076897621&ev19=2:11″&gt;

I don’t care much for the denim version, but I’d wear it if someone gave it to me! These are on sale for $180 and I have already called Saks to try and locate them since they aren’t available online. Sadly enough, there are only two pair in my size, in black, on the East Coast. So now I’m feeling somewhat defeated…

In the spirit of Gucci, who I am desperately in love with this season, the item of the day is the Gucci by Gucci book by Sarah Mower. Yes, a Gucci book.

This is a Limited Edition. Only 4,000 copies produced (or so I’ve heard). Originally on back order at Neiman Marcus with a price tag of $350, the book is now on sale at Amazon for $99 and boast over 400 pages of amazing photos and full page spreads. So pick up a copy and be sure to order one for me too!

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