Who cares about a stupid resolution????

Oh forget it. I really did TRY to stop shopping, but sticking with my extremely low, self-imposed shopping budget of $150/month is WAY easier than stopping. I’ve tried to not write about my purchases, as if that would make me look better in all of your eyes. But I haven’t been on any fun trips this month, unless you count the 30 hours I spent in Dallas last week. (The pic below, of me, Sharifa and her fiance was taken at Rickey’s Tuesday Night Karaoke Party at Maxwell’s)

So I haven’t had much else to do. I do have somewhat of a disclaimer for some of the new items I own… If it was a “gift” then it doesn’t count!!!


Anyway… these are from Dallas, purchased on the day they got a LITTLE bit of ice and the whole city panicked. Hilarious! So Gary (from Gary’s Tea) took me to the Galleria to do some damage. The first pair, from Via Spiga, Rickey picked out a couple of weeks ago and when I saw them I thought they were pretty cool and would be something different for the spring so we got them.


Then I passed the clearance rack and saw some cute shoes from BCBG that were an additional 50% off. I loved them right away and once I got back to Minneapolis I was so excited to take them out of the box and try them on… but they just didn’t fell right. After examining the soles I realized one was a 9, the other a 9.5 (too big). That was the last pair (obviously the person who has the mates hasn’t realized it yet) and there’s no Saks here. So I’m pretty much messed up for the time being. Anyway, here’s the shoe… the stitching on the back was what sold me!

 Yesterday Macy’s had a huge sale (additional 30% sale/clearance prices and then an extra 15% off that if you use your Macy’s card). So I had a little bit of fun. I got this Calvin Klein jogging suit for $22 total! (Regular price was $78 for each piece).





I also got a gray pencil skirt from <a title="Shop Theory at Saks Fifth Avenue" href="http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/WorldOfDesigner.jsp?FOLDERfolder_id=2534374305092177&ASSORTMENTast_id=1408474395222441&bmUID=1169878158626&#8243; target=”_blank”>Theory for $30 (Regular price was $178).

I got my cousin 5 tops/sweaters by Nine West, Tahari, Karen Kane and Michael Kors for a grand total of $77. My stepmom found out and asked to be added to my personal shopping list so I made a return trip during lunch today to get her a few accessories. I picked up 3 necklaces and a pair of earrings for $43 (she gave me a budget of $40 but I figured a few dollars wouldn’t hurt!) Two of the items – a Monet necklace and a pair of KC earrings…

All in all, that was a wonderful sale and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow! I still have a few more thing to pick up! Check back in a few weeks – I have a birthday coming up on Thursday (YEAH!) and a trip to Vegas planned for the following weekend! I’m going out West to follow my dreams (no dad, my dream is NOT to become a casino girl)! Depending on how lame it is this year – I may be able to post a few b-day pics. But as for the trip, I’ll have to keep it general and use the Alibi builder kit for my blog story. Cause we all know…


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