Love/Hate Relationships

I have been in a very serious love/hate relationship since May of last year. Before you start gossiping, no, its not my boyfriend – but it is a direct result of me dating him. He made me get this “computer-phone” contraption that, at the time, was absolutely amazing – The PPC-6700. As a gadget geek I was so excited to have my very own Pocket PC complete with internet, Microsoft Office Mobile, Bluetooth technology, camera and video recorder. The phone (which my friends refer to as my “laptop”) was glued to my ear for weeks and the slide-out keyboard was constantly visible as I enjoyed text messaging and emailing anyone who would respond. (This was shown in my previous post about the family Christmas card photos where we were all “in action”).

As time went on the newness wore off and the problems increased. Daily resetting in order to pull down my work email, screen freezes during some incoming calls so I am not able to answer them, Caller ID strikes that leave me hesitant to answer the phone because I can’t tell if its one of the many names listed under DON’T ANSWER, and an extended battery that I keep finding at the other end of my purse when I want to make a call.

It doesn’t help that everyone around me seems to be getting newer, cooler, and much SMALLER phones – the gadget geek in me wants to stay in the forefront of the technological game and still maintain the convenience of a phone that actually fits in my clutch purse. So, my items of the day are two of the hottest smart phones available – the Samsung BlackJack and the Motorola Q (click the photos for their websites). My power-couple cousins just bought one of each – the Black Jack for him, the Q for her. We spent the last two weeks reading reviews and online comparisons, but I’m really excited to see how they compare in real life for them! I’d love to say that I’ll go with whichever phone seems to work best, but honestly I’m waiting for the Apple iPhone to hit stores this summer!!!


As for my recent shopping… I picked up a black flowy top with cute little buttons in the back ($25 from $185) and black wrap dress ($55 from $415), both by Theory from Macy’s last week. The top is pictured below, but when I took a photo of myself in the wrap dress I didn’t realize how disorganized my living room was… so that one went in the recycle bin!!

And after my birthday – the freebies came pouring in! I must sign up for a LOT of stuff! Some of the coupons/discounts I received were:

Free surprise at Famous Dave’s

Free meal at Bar Abilene with purchase of a meal

Free entree at Tejas

$20 off dinner at Palomino’s

Two $10 off coupons for Victoria’s Secret

$5 off at DSW

BOGO Movie Passes – Crown Theatres

The Palomino discount got used the day after my b-day!!! I love that place! For my Detroit people – if you go to the Greektown Casino on your actual b-day, when they scan your driver’s license through the machine it will play Happy Birthday out loud! I wasn’t home this year so I couldn’t do it, but it happened last time and it was kinda cool!

And on that note, I’m out – Have a good week!

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