Coming Soon, to a blog near you

OK, I am getting all the request for a Vegas All-Star Weekend blog – but sadly enough, I didn’t take very many pics! I don’t have any pictures of celebs on my camera but a few friends may have caught a few so I will try to get some of their photos.

I did see Russell Simmons, Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner, Joe Torry, Yao Ming, Shaquille O’Neal, Cee-Lo, Gayle King, Mya, Bobby Brown, Julius Erving and few other people around town.  But my favorite non-celebrity sighting came on Friday night when I was experiencing severe foot pain from my 4″ platform peep-toe shoes. I stopped in the Gucci store to see if I could find a pair of shoes to replace the ones I was wearing. Yeah, I know. I was out of my mind, huh? OH WHATEVER!!!! Don’t act like yal knew Gucci didn’t have a clearance section!!!

After checking a few price tags I gave up on purchasing and decided to just look. I found these cute sandals from the Gucci 2007 Cruise Collection

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