More snow????? Are you kidding me?

After being snowed in last weekend (and sitting in anticipation of a possible snow-day tomorrow) I am less than excited about . The weather people keep giving totally inaccurate snowfall accumulations and storm times that have me on the edge of my seat, glancing out the window behind me for any signs of danger. So now I’m sitting here killing time before my bus comes. Bus. That’s how much I want to avoid the snow/sleet/ice that is predicted – I didn’t even drive to the park-n-ride this morning, I took the long bus ride in. A friend of mine had the courage to ask me if I wanted to help him shovel his snow……*pause*…….HAHAHAHA!!! Are you kidding me???? Not only are my nails not strong enough for that type of manual labor, I could possibly break a sweat. LOL – I did offer to sit in my car and provide moral support while he worked it out but for some reason, my extension of kindness just wasn’t good enough… go figure!! 😉

For you southerners who have no idea what REAL snow looks like, these are my pictures from my days in Pennsylvania when 12″ of snow overnight was near normal…

December 2003…

…again in February 2004…

SEEEE!!!!!! I told you!!! Those days are done… at least for now. As for the Zyban commercial I posted on my page, I am not a smoker but that’s how I’ve been feeling lately… its one of my favs because I can feel that man’s pain.

My item of the day takes me back into geek mode, mixed with fashion of course! My search for a laptop took me all over the net and after finding that the hottest notebooks available were all WAY out of my price range I gave up, but not without bringing the info back to you…



 The in PINK – Perfect for the prissy chick in me






 …then there is the tom-boy inside who loves the rugged case of the





…and those of you who’ve known me forever might remember me as the pre-teen girl with posters of the UofM Fab Five, Jodeci and The Boys all surrounding a huge Lamborghini poster – thus the Asus Lamborghini VX-1 is a dream come true for me…




…but the icing on the cake goes to the notebook that is not only your business partner, but every girl’s BEST FRIEND – laptop. FIVE carats of VVS quality diamonds set in white gold!! Can you believe that??? I hear it runs about $100k… but the Ego Tulip base model, at $5k, is still really nice and comes with interchangeable leather skins that make it as easy on the eyes as a regular handbag! The Love edition would have made a much better Valentine’s Day gift than the invisible present I got this year…

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