I love my friends in Detroit!!!!

Here are the pics of my weekend in Detroit with the girls. We went to Detroit Beer Co. on Broadway… the food was cool and all, but I was really mad that I practically had to fight the waitress to give me a new drink when the Almond Joy Martini I ordered tasted more like a chocolate milkshake. Check out the pics….


After the dinner, we went to Wanie’s place to hang out with her and Harpo (the “mortgage” dog) and somebody suggested we take a celebratory shot – for all the birthday’s, new jobs, upcoming cross-country movies and happily ended relationships we are all going through in our grown-up years.





You can’t top that kinda fun…. HAHA

My item of the day is an internet “game” that had me cracking up at work… follow these directions…

1. Go to Google.com

2. Click on “maps”

3. Click on “get directions”

4. Click in the “from” box, then type “New York”

5. Click in the “to” box, then type “Paris” (hit get directions)

6. scroll down to step #23

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