Fantastic Spa Service and Amazing Artwork on The Fantastic Voyage

Sorry my follow-ups are so slow… the new job is working me!!

On the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise there was so much to do, even outside of the concerts and “dance parties” on the promenade. I was lucky enough to be able to get an early appointment at the illustrious Ship Shape Day Spa to rejuvenate after partying until 4AM the previous night. Let me just say it was WELL worth the 7AM wake up call. These are the services I experienced…

Elemis Musclease Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap or Float
The power of aromatherapy is combined with the riches of the ocean in this deeply warming treatment. A heated seaweed mask containing a warming blend of essential oils, such as pine and rosemary, is applied to your body before you are cocooned in a warm wrap. Relax, weightless in the unique sensory dry float bath or in foil wrap, while the active ingredients work to ease arthritis, fatigue and muscle spasm. *Available with Full-Body Massage or Half-Body Massage

Elemis Sole Delight Foot Treatment
Warmed aromatherapy oils nourish and condition your feet and nails while the decadence of milk and exotic Frangipani monoi oil lavish their richness and healing action on the skin. Includes a traditional pedicure.

Sounds amazing, huh??? Believe me, IT WAS!!! I was so excited I “purchased” the items that were used for the wrap – Elemis Musclease Active Body Concentrate and Elemis Musclease Herbal Bath Synergy. I haven’t used them at home yet, but I am ready to soon! *And Sharifa, you betta sleep with your eyes open because I KNOW you stole one of my Bath packets!!!!!!!

So, as you can tell, I was all about relaxation and getting the knots out of my back until I could return to my regular masseuse. I also came up on some Carol’s Daughter products on the ship – and I don’t know if there was a “ship discount” or the chick just rang my stuff up wrong – but my total for the 16 oz. Almond Cookie Souffle and the 8 oz. Ecstasy Shea Lotion was a mere $25. That’s HALF the price. You can’t beat that! I would have bought more but my 70 lb suitcase was giving me more than enough trouble already… and I still had to fit the complimentary bottle of wine that I planned to “smuggle” back to Dallas to give as Rickey and Sharifa’s wedding gift… hey, I am on a budget here!!!

Thought it was difficult, I controlled the urge to buy half of the ship (urged by the fact that a significant amount of the proceed go to the Tom Joyner Foundation). This painting called “Fire and Desire”, by Frank Morrison, caught my eye in the art gallery and I would have stared at longer than the 20 minutes I did had I not been approached by a muscle-shirt wearing dude hoping to get some play by acting as though he was with me shopping for artwork. Anyway, this is the piece… I’m making it my item of the day because I WANT IT. (BTW – NO, I’m not crazy – I posted the link to an ORIGINAL but the framed print is barely 1% of the $16k they are asking…)

If you want to see some professional photos and videos from the trip, check them out here – Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage or here.

Next time I’ll have to post my fab fashion finds from the trip!!!

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