World Famous Art… well, maybe someday

I can’t talk much. The new job is keeping me BUSY, which is a good thing. Gotta earn that paycheck, right? Anyway – I had about 2,385 requests to see my artwork. Ok, seriously, more like 2 people asked about them. But I’m proud of my paintings some days so I’ll post them now, since its a good day for me! LOL – Here they are in my bedroom and up close…


And the item of the day is what I’ve been looking for – a cute, hot pink, leather Smythson passport cover… but to be honest with you, this is OUT of my budget… so I think I’m going to follow one of the links blaqmind sent me… thanks for keeping me grounded, man… although you have to admit, its more like an investment… (pure shopper thinking!!!)

Talk to you all soon!!!!!

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