Tragedy – but I’m safe and sound

No fashion today… So I’ve been getting calls and emails about the latest tragedy to hit Minneapolis. Anyone who has turned on CNN tonight has no doubt seen the destruction that resulted from a major bridge collapse between the University of Minnesota campus and downtown Minneapolis. The pictures are terrifying and the stories are coming in faster than I can keep up. For updated info check our local news station’s website at

Please keep the families and friends of the injured and deceased in your prayers tonight. If you need some inspiration, go here and browse around. This is a very tragic and unexpected event and most natives are saying Minneapolis has never experienced anything of this magnitude.

The item of the day – at such a sad time – is something we all need, whether we admit it or not. Its a HUG. No matter how fake, funny or weird it looks (see pics below) deep down inside – during that friendly, loving, peaceful, forced, supportive or congratulatory embrace – it feels just the same. HUGS FOR EVERYONE!!!

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