Girls Getaway 2007 – The Windy City

Whew – the girls weekend had me beat! Yeah, it was a whole week ago, but I was tired and busy at work trying to catch up… so here’s the brief recap:

In an effort to break away from the inconvenience of multiple hotel rooms, we rented a condo on State St, just south of downtown, that we scoped out on one of the rent-by-owner sites. We were a little skeptical in the beginning but as soon as we arrived, there was no doubt. The place was TIGHT!!! It was a 2BR, 2BA over 1500 s.f. all for the nightly rate of $350. For 8 young women (YES, there were 8 of us) it was PERFECT. We have decided that this is the only way to go from now on! Check out the fun…

Pics of the city…

Pics of the condo…

Places we ate… and Harpo Studios…

The girls having fun…

Michigan Ave plant fashions… and a “metal man” with his plastic friend…


…and although I didn’t stop by there during this trip… I had to include my favorite discount shopping spot!


Well, we’re facing a big thunderstorm/flash flood tonight. Not looking good at all… Kare 11 News interrupted my nightly Jay Leno viewing to show me scary video clips from some of the neighboring suburbs the storm is moving through on its way here… so I’m gonna make the item of the day an item that I wish I could get right now on IMMEDIATE delivery… cause I am going to need it in the morning! Behold the Pucci designer galoshes available at Zappos… 

…or save a few bucks and go with the infamous Thomas Pink Wellies…

…or – if you’re on a shopping diet like me – you may want to check out Target for a huge selection priced near $20.

Ok, that’s all for tonight. I’m going to cuddle with my flashlight and try and drown out the thunderous sounds of this storm passing through. Good night bloggers!!!!


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