Nap-town wins again…

This past weekend was my line sister’s wedding. It was a beautiful event held at the downtown Hyatt in Indianapolis and quite a few of my line sisters were able to make it. Actually… beautiful is an understatement. That wedding (reception) was off the chains!!!! We had sooo much fun…. and as for the bachelorette party… what happens in Indiana, stays in Indiana!!! 🙂


I was all over the dance floor at the reception – amazing since I usually have to be forced to dance. I did every line dance on earth – The Electric Slide, some Chicago-style stepping, The Cha-Cha (Casper) Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, 2-Step, and even tried my hand at the Souljah Boy (which I decided to leave to the teenagers who obviously had practiced that dance for hours). I added links to the online videos for everyone to learn a new dance or two… or just laugh at other people trying to learn. For the advanced crowd, April recommends The Turbo Hustle… that one is NOT for me…. you are on your own with THAT!!!

On the literary tip, I finished the latest book from the Eric Jerome Dickey Collection – Walking with Enemies. Overall I was pleased and satisfied with this follow up to “part one” – Sleeping with Strangers. The suspense was there and the characters were well written… but I have mixed feelings about the first 1/3 of the book reading like pornography. Now I can’t wait for his next novel! I gotta say thanks again to “The Guy I’ve Been Dating” for surprising me with the book. Although the ulterior motive (getting me to summarize it for him so he could participate in literary discussions with his Eric Jerome Dickey-reading V.P. at work) was more than obvious!

Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for…. *drumroll*…. The item of the day is the “little black dress”. Not because I want it to be, for goodness sakes its still SUMMER. And that only lasts so long around here. Its just that I have yet another wedding to attend and we were asked to wear black… not that it will kill me to wear the black dress I wore to the wedding last weekend (although it might and I’d rather not die over a dress)… so I’m on the hunt for a black dress to wear to a summer wedding, where a number of young ladies will also be cloaked in the same color… I must not blend in!!!

Funny… as soon as I posted the last pic I realized…. I have a dress that looks EXACTLY like that one!!!

Last but not least, this is by far the coolest dress alive… The Pamela Dress found at the Little Black Dress Shop (Toronto) can be worn TEN different ways. Here are a few of my favorite options…


*voice of reason kicking in* Maybe I’ll be “budget conscious” and wear what I have… but what will I do about shoes??? Stay tuned ladies and gentleman… we have more shopping to do!

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