Feeling cheated??

I wrote a nice complaint letter to the last place I ever thought I would have to – my beloved Macy’s. All this time I was touting them as the ultimate in fashionable choices and the best at sale and clearance prices. I wrote blog after blog about the wonderful things I found at Macy’s. A few more of which I was excited to post this weekend. But this week, I had to set aside my love for low prices and represent for those who aren’t as lucky as me when it comes to searching the racks and often pay full price. It all started with my search for a winter coat…

I saw these coats in the store and went online to show the pictures to my “2007 winter coat sponsor” – A.K.A. Granny. She gave me a budget and I, of course, showed her the links so she could give her opinion. Here are the items (which were not on sale at the time I was looking):

Very excitingly I decided to “check around” the internet and see if any of the other department stores had similar coats…. WHAO! Was I amazed and shocked to find the EXACT SAME coats (though the pictures appear slightly different) at Nordstrom marked at an original price that was over $100 less than the Macy’s price. the military style coat below was not on Macy’s website but I tried it on in the store and the price tag was $400.


So you can tell by the prices (on the links) that I was upset to think that Macy’s could be overcharging its loyal customers like myself… well, maybe not like me – I only buy things when they are well over 50% off! They promised to contact me soon, so I guess we’ll see how they plan to explain something that makes a loyal customer being to feel cheated… and well… not so loyal anymore….

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