Fall Fashion Favs….

Here are the missing pics from Detroit – I tried to add them to the post but it wouldn’t repost them… My dad tried to deny his paternity but I think that’s one fight he can’t win if he tried… we’re two peas in a pod….

With the cold weather slowly approaching last month, I was on a search to find THAT fall coat. The last blog on coats showed a few wool, knee length belted coats. That was the goal. Somehow I ended up going home with this gray Eliana coat by Canadian designer Soia and Kyo… on sale, of course!!!

Bobby thinks the arms “look funny” but I keep trying to explain that elbow length sleeves are “IN” this fall. Eventually he admitted that the coat was cute, but as for the gloves… we’re still debating. I found these elbow length gloves on clearance at Off Fifth in gray and another pair (with side rusching) in chocolate brown.

<a href="http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?JSESSIONID=HQnGJfbmnqhw9NXJhFwMpHPJzQGCHJwqQLzC0X33YXf9bP40cNRm!-1980183011&PRODUCTprd_id=845524446166231&FOLDERfolder_id=282574492708142&ASSORTMENTast_id=1408474399545537&bmUID=1192242758939&ev19=1:2″&gt;

I loved the Soia and Kyo coats so much I spread the word amongst my friends. Sharifa ended up falling in love with this one. The AKA in me couldn’t bring myself to buy a Red winter coat, but the Delta in her was all over it…

And Gabbi is already looking for this one…

I’m officially labeling them the hottest outerwear brand for the season! Pass the word along… and if you get a new coat, you have to have some cute accessories. So here’s your Item of the Day tip – WINTER GLOVES. Not just any gloves… they have to make a statement. ShopStyle has consolidated gloves from some of the top designers and online stores – everything from short and cute to fingerless to sexy. Yes, gloves can be sexy too! Check them out – you might see a pair you like!


Have a fun weekend!!!

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