Nothing too exciting to post this week…

Have you ever had SO much going on in your life that you couldn’t sort it out? That’s me. I’m tired of being tired from trying to figure out what I want to do. So in my efforts to become “un-stressed” I am trying to pick my next hobby. I’ve narrowed it down and sadly enough, a few of these make frequent appearances on my to-do list…

1 – finally take those French refresher courses to brush up on my language skills – in case I ever get to Paris… heck, or Canada for that matter.

2 – increase my volunteer hours in the community – nothing better than giving back!

3 – get my website together where I am hoping to make a few bucks selling clothing items that I or my friends can’t use. I could make a killing on this one.

4 – read more REAL books (and fewer gossip/fashion magazines!)

5 – pick a workout routine… any routine other than walking to the printer 5 times a day… and stick with it.

6 – start on my next scrapbook – but first I would need to get some money… these are expensive!

7 – take swimming lessons (again) because the last ones didn’t seem to do so well. **this one is last on my list for a reason!!**

So many things to chose from…. maybe I’ll put it off and use it as a New Years Resolution. Yeah, why not take the easy way out! I wanted to put shopping on there, but that’s the one hobby I consistently seem to never drop off the list of “hobbies to keep”. While I’m speaking of my favorite hobby, I may as well give you the update on the item of the week… I haven’t posted any ankle booties -which are one of the hot footwear trends for the fall – because I wasn’t sure if I liked them. But after seeing endless pairs in different colors and styles – I’ve almost become a believer! Those shoes are so cute with tights and the other current trend – mini dresses. I am going to TRY and wait before adding them to my closet since I’m on a tight budget after I FINALLY bought that Kenneth Cole bag I so badly wanted! But for those of you out there who can pick them up now, check out some of the hottest boots of the season…


To all of my friends and line sisters around the country who are heading back to “Da’ Ville” – enjoy the fun, parties and warm weather of Homecoming 2007! I wish I could be there – but I’m BROKE after all these weddings! Next week is all about learning, networking and partying with the world’s largest collection of TreeHuggers at the 2007 GreenBuild Expo in Chicago!

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