Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Yesterday I forgot to mention the wonderful places, aside from Bobby’s mom’s house, where I was able to eat wonderful food in Chicago!!

Wednesday night we met up with my dad and step mom at The Grill on the Alley in Chicago’s Westin Hotel on Michigan Ave. We shared a nice bottle of Muscato (my first time trying it) and I was very pleased. I had the special salad which sounded excellent on paper, but had WAY too much ground pepper on it. We had a hummus trio – my favorite was the sun-dried tomato hummus. My meal was the Grilled Shrimp Pomodoro which was so perfect that I couldn’t step away from the plate. Overall it was a great experience and the flat screen TV’s mounted all over the place gave the guys lots of distractions.

On a recommendation from a coworker, Bobby made a sushi run to Sushi Wabi on Randolph in the West Loop to grab some dinner for us on Friday evening. We tried the scallop, tuna and salmon nigiri (raw fish neatly arranged over rice) and split a rainbow roll (which I LOVE). My boyfriend tested out his Japanese language skills and used the actual names of the sushi items as he ordered… and it didn’t turn out so well. Miscommunication led to disappointment as we took the single to-go box out of the bag. Ten minutes later there were two hungry people – AFTER we finished eating. So I sent him on a quick run to Popeye’s and we had biscuits and fried chicken for “dessert”. Sometimes you just have to keep it real… right? **See pics below of Sushi Wabi and a rainbow roll from somewhere else – I didn’t take them**

Saturday brunch was none other than Grand Lux Cafe. After a 30 minute wait, we were finally seated and I must way – it was worth the wait! We had belinis, Eggs Benedict and all of my standard breakfast items (toast, eggs, bacon and breakfast potatoes). I have been the Grand Lux restaurants in Chicago and Las Vegas and they have yet to disappoint me. I love the food there and recommend it to anyone looking for a good, hearty meal.

Hanging out on Michigan Ave so much was making me want to shop. I stood tall and strong and just looked the other way and managed to survive the entire weekend without buying a thing. But the emails make it so hard. sent an email that featured a shoe by Alessandro Dell’Acqua, whom I had never heard of. I click the link and VOILA! I’m in shoe/handbag heaven. They are definitely outside of my budget, but beautiful to dream about. Check them out below…

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