I AM Sleepy

This is going to be quick. As the title says, I am sleepy so I’m crashing early tonight. But I wanted to let you know that I saw “I Am Legend” this weekend and it was a good movie. Now I am NOT a sci-fi fan, so while I love movies, I pretty much shy away from any movie that has monsters, zombies or other creatures that I hope to never confront in my existence. I definitely thought the background stories could have been a bit more developed and the analytical side of me found a few questions left unanswered (I won’t go into detail to avoid being a spoiler). Overall I thought it was good. Now my movie co-rater “Bobby” was extremely excited to see it and, in the end, it appeared to meet most of his expectations. As a huge sci-fi/thriller/suspense move fan, he thought it was pretty great and rated it a bit higher than I did. Either way, go support will and check it out! It was worth $9.

Summer just sent me an email with her dream bag for the month and I instantly fell in love with it myself. We may have to do the cross-country “co-purchase then ship and share” plan because the $500 price tag is a bit steep for either of us to spend… then again, that may not work because who would want to give it up?? Either way its nice to look at! I’ll include this as a part of my Luxury Christmas Wish List… The Dooney & Bourke Hayden Bag…


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