Winter X-Games Future Competitor

I wanted to call this blog “Winter X-games future champion”, but I don’t see myself getting very far if I ever qualify for the Winter X-games in my newest sport… snowboarding. Bobby* and crew talked me into a last minute trip to the world famous snowy mountains of Breckenridge, CO (an hour and a half west of Denver). After a 2 hour flight that left me without my luggage, a nearly 2 hour drive though the ice-coated mounted past multi-car accidents, and a trip to Wal-Mart – I was finally in the really cool 2 bedroom condo with garden tub and heated floors. But that wasn’t why I was there…

By 11AM Saturday Bobby and I were in the parking lot of Peak 9 / Beaver Run. Here’s me:

Here’s Bobby:

Cold huh? The temperature was between 15 and -3(?) degrees most of the time we were there – and Sunday there was a “nice” wind chill on top of the cold temps. But I was HOT. The guy at REI in Bloomington, MN hooked it up. I walked in and said “I have 10 minutes to get to the airport and I need warm stuff to take with me”. He helped me pull together my snowboarding outfit:

The North Face Allure Jacket **claimed (and proven) to be the warmest snowboarding jacket on the market.

Under Armour ColdGear Colorblock Top and Frosty Tight **these worked WONDERS

Volkl Supersport Snow Pant (on clearance at TJ Maxx)

With a few other layers of “dry fit” clothing I thought I was all set, until I got outside and realized I was missing tons of other stuff (goggles, scarf, gloves, face mask, etc). In the first pic you can see the “oh-so-important” handwarmers. Now all they need to invent are fingertip warmers….

I snapped a few pics of the mountains and other snow junkies too… the first is the oh-so-scary “Cherish Mountain” – the only one I was able to conquer during the weekend!

The item of the day is a shoe that Summer and I have been raving about all day! The Lacoste Albany – comfort and style. These would go great with some jeans…


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