Saturday Deals at Macy’s

Right now, I really don’t have the time (or energy) to write all that I would like to today. I spent most of the week in Denver and have yet to unpack and relax. But I did want to give a heads up to all of my fashionistas, especially those in the Minnesota region…. Macy’s has some ridiculous sales going on this weekend. I walked past the coat section yesterday and had to do a DOUBLE TAKE. Did I read that sign properly? No. Couldn’t be. Does that really say All Clearance Coats – Buy One Get One FREE. Yes. Free. And there are hundreds to chose from. I watched as a customer, who spoke very little English, repeatedly asked the saleswoman to explain this to him. It just didn’t make sense. You buy one, and you take another home at no cost. He was as amazed as I was. His wife must have worn a size similar to mine because we spent the next 25 minutes searching rack to rack for the smaller sizes, which seemed few and far between, and snatching them up. The whole time I’m staring at the rack where I left the North Face jacket I wore to the mall, daring someone to even think of snatching that as a free coat. While I didn’t see that much in my size among the coats I liked, I called all of my girlfriends who can wear a size 8-12 or L because those were in abundance. You name it, they had it. Calvin Klein. Via Spiga. Guess. BCBG. Soia and Kyo. Tahari. Columbia. Laundry. Anne Klein. I was in a wool/leather/down-filled/faux-fur trimmed heaven. Bobby called in the middle of my madness and unexpectedly was thrown into the role of “emergency fashion consultant” – a position that I’m sure no boyfriend wants to be placed in. He did a great job in helping me narrow my 5 coats down to just 2 (and reminding me that buying 4 was simply unreasonable).

In the end, I came out with an antique brown, butter soft Guess leather blazer with pockets and brass detailing along with a black Via Spiga knee length, belted coat with silver rivets and detailing. At the original price of $450 each, my total bill of only $175 was a great bargain. I found some pics online of the black coat and a jacket that is similar to the brown one. If you’re looking for a coat for next year (or the next few months if you’re in Minnesota like me) – get in the store now!!!

Other great coats I saw in the buy one get one free area….

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