iPods and Cool Tees

So I mentioned a while back that I bought a new cover from iFrogz for my video iPod. You don’t even have to guess what it looks like – I got a combination of pink and green! Go figure, huh? Its kinda cool. I like that I can take the green band off to access the charging port when I want to sync it with my computer or car. Its that weird rubber that seems to be a magnet for the lint at the bottom of my purse, but that’s not too big of an issue cause it rubs right off.

I also found some cool t-shirts on sale… here are some pictures of them. I found out that my “code name” among the boys is “Gi”… so the Grover shirt was perfect…

…and this Charlie Brown shirt was too cute… (front and back)

Amazon sent me a coupon that only be used on shoes from Amazon or Shoes.com so I was surfing the net looking for some cool, sexy high heeled sandals for the summer… I’m obviously feeling the Carlos Santana shoes this season…. enjoy!!

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