These are my Confessions…

There is no better way to say it…. I now am the proud owner of a $35 wig. So if you see me wandering the streets, and my hair is halfway down my back (and you know I just cut it a month ago), don’t fret. It really is me. I just have a new look courtesy of Wigs & Plus in Chicago. Micky, her hubby and I got bored Saturday so we took a journey over to the wig shop to see if we could find some cool alter egos. We laughed hysterically at a few jheri-curl wigs, some Tina Turner circa 1980 styles and a woman who was so hurried to find a good wig she happily passed her little baby to the store owner. This store owner then managed to offer advice to all of her patrons while wandering around with this stranger’s child. After a few trials we finally found some hair that looked decent. I think I will curl it and wear it when I go home. We’ll see if my family notices… **disclaimer – these pics were taken just before I passed out for the night so the faces are definitely not intentionally “mean looking”**

Since we were going out Saturday to The Bottle Bar and I didn’t bring any club clothes, Bobby hooked up my foot game and I found some stuff to go with it. I went with a silver/gray/moss green color palette for the night and I was thoroughly impressed with myself 🙂 No pics of the night but I put a pic together to show my girls… the shoe is by Marc Fisher (bought it at Macy’s but I can’t find it anywhere online), the black/gray washed jeans are Birkin low-rise wide leg by Citizens of Humanity and the silver threaded top is the style Tara, by C&C. Turned out really cute!

While I was out shopping I came across a few boutiques that were pretty cool – some I had shopped before, others I had never seen. For my item of the day, I’ll list the spots below – if you’re looking for cool shops in Chicago, these are the places to try:

Ouest – My favorite designer boutique in Chicago. Lots of hard to find designers. Mix of classic investment pieces and fun casual items. Prices are high so sales are great.

2 Sisters – Just stopped in and ended up buying two shirts and a dress for Sharifa. Prices were great. Clothes for partying and going out. The 2 women were so helpful. I took pics of the outfits, they emailed them to Sharifa on the spot and then we were able to decide which items to buy. They said I was their first “technology customer”. LOL

Self Conscious – The almost hidden hip-hop shop. They had Nike Air Force Ones and Air Max in EVERY color combination you can imagine. Every combination. LOL. Some cool shirts too, I picked up a vibrant purple Muhammad Ali t-shirt for Bobby. Somewhat prices, but I like to support to smaller businesses. (they also have a Myspace page)

Koros – Lots of classic style. Dressy items and business wear along with jeans and more grown-up casual. Beautiful accessories.

Bess & Loie – Super cute handbags and jewelry. The bags range in price from $20 up to $400+. Of course the one I fell in love with was $320 so I had to keep it moving. I will definitely be returning… after I win some money.

Tribeca – They had a $40 off all jeans sale going on. They had the right brands (Joe’s, Citizens for Humanity, Hudson, etc) but I couldn’t find my size. Bummer. But they always have cute items at “average” prices. A mix of higher-end and unheard of designers.


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