Back on the scene!

Whew! I feel like I’ve been gone from my blog for a LONG time. I missed you all as much as I’m sure you missed me 🙂

So…. you must be wondering what has happened over the last month. Well, aside from taking an extended trip back home to Detroit and a work-related trip to New York City, I made a HUGE life change. I quit my job, took another one working for a sustainability consultant about 0.001 times the size of my last company, packed up my apartment and moved to…. CHICAGO. Yup – you read it right. No more Minnesota for this city girl. I feel like I’m on Cheers – in a place where everybody knows my name. Well, not everybody. But I do have lots of great family and friends here to keep me company!


It would only seem natural that a move to CHICAGO would mean endless shopping opportunities. Unfortunately, it actually meant a significantly higher cost of living and a need to put a halt to the shopping that kept me entertained and occupied for so long. So this blog I’m skipping the item of the day. I’ll try and catch up later with some cool items but for now I am BUSY!!!

Stylin – I finally made it to the Wolfgang Puck Grille in Detroit. It was AMAZING!!! My girls and I went and sat at the bar (service was very quick and the bartender was GREAT!) We had the butternut squash soup (sweet and tasty) and the Split Pea soup (AMAZINGLY GREAT). For dinner, I had the Pan Seared Sea Scallops (no longer on the menu) and the other girls dishes were:

  • Almond-Ginger Crusted Salmon
    with Celery Root Puree and Red Wine Reduction
  • Braised Beef Short Ribs
    with Parsnip Puree, Gremolata and Roasted Root Vegetables
  • Colorado Lamb Chops
    with Escarole, Parmesan Polenta and Nicoise Olives
  • No complaints at all, but I must admit, Sharon’s Lamb Chops were the best of all the dishes! For dessert, she and I split the Bread Pudding. It was by far the BEST bread pudding I’ve ever tried.

     IMG_4809 IMG_4811IMG_4810  IMG_4808IMG_4813

    Choc – I decided to skip the iPhone and the HTC and got a Blackberry Pearl (Sprint 8130 model). After 3 days of getting used to the weird buttons for texting, I was used to it. Now I just have to figure out how all of my numbers disappeared from my contacts yesterday…. other than that, I like it.

    RIM pearl 01 RIM pearl 02 RIM pearl 03

    I also managed to take some pics while I was in Detroit. Some are completely random. The big building is the Michigan Central Train Depot – my favorite building on the whole Earth even with its old, vacant, dilapidated structure. I think deep down inside its simply beautiful. But first, I must post the outfit that you can only find in the individualistic/Now-N-Later colored fashion capital of the Mid-West that is known as Detroit. The mannequins on the second pic are funny too. Enjoy!


    IMG_4825IMG_4826IMG_4827 IMG_4840IMG_4843IMG_4853 IMG_4857IMG_4860

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