Class Reunion Attire

Just for fun I go through these “no shopping” periods for 2 months or so, and right now I’m in the middle of one of those challenges. Its a great way for me to find other things to do with my spare time when I would normally be walking around Macy’s or Nordstrom Rack. I’ve got a spa day planned tomorrow and I’m looking forward to reading a few new books once work slows down a bit. In the meantime, since I’m not shopping for myself until September, I get my fix shopping for friends when I get the urge to browse around.

A few of my friends are attending their 10 year reunions this year and have approached me about potential looks so I went surfing the net. I attended mine last year and while I was initially a bit hesitant, things worked out and I had a great time. Here’s a couple of pics from our 2-day class reunion in Detroit. Beautiful families, food, fun and lots of memories!

Class Reunion 2007 023Class Reunion 2007 118

So to those of you going to your reunions… here are a few looks to check out. Bluefly has an extra 20% off all dresses, Macy’s has the EXTRA Clearance Sale going on, Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale lasts one more week and dozens of stores are having sidewalk sales over the next couple of week (Chicago girls, check out the West Loop shops on Lake or Madison this weekend). I tried to give you plenty of options, as I know not everyone will opt for the mini dress like I did! LOL… Here are some ideas for that big reunion dinner/gala…

The “Remember me? The girl in glasses and braces??” dresses…

ralph lauren wrap halter 072608donnar rico stretch satin sheath 072608stretch satin 072608 

The “Most likely to succeed, and my corner office says I did it” dresses….

ABS satin sheath 072608abs knit sheath dress 072608black halo jacket dress 072608

The “Class Sexy/Legs/Body/Cheer Captain… and I still got it!” dresses….

twelfth street mini dress 072608kova and t 072608tart aphrodite dress 072608

The “I wanna look classy/sexy but not show too much” dresses….

alice and olivia beaded dress 072608theory analoba dress 072608robert rodriquez shirt dress 072608

For those who insist on bringing “dates” (spouses and fiances not included), stick your man in a nice suit like one of these…

boss suit in light gray 072608boss black passoloni suit 072608hickey freeman madison suit 072608

or check the fashion pages of GQ magazine or the Style website for a more laid back look, if the event isn’t semi-formal or black-tie.

Have fun at your summer events! I just got a text that my cousin is in labor so I gotta run. Need to find some cute baby stuff for my new girl cousin! Watch out Gabbi!! I’m already looking into which purses I’m going to get for us… so on the weekends when I keep her we will be just like Angelina and Zahara…. 🙂


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