Baby Brother is Growing Up

As I approach 30 (SLOWLY, but surely) my constant reminder that I’m getting older is my brother… he gets older too. Every year, on his birthday I think to myself “Man, he’s getting old….” Then I remember – I’m OLDER than him!!!

So this year he celebrated his birthday the way he celebrates every other Saturday… except bigger. I flew home for the weekend to party with him and amazingly enough – he got the whole family to come out and join the fun. My grandparents, determined to prove their youthfulness, hung out with us past 1 AM! My gift to my brother – a birthday cake in the shape of a guitar, with his company logo on it and painted to match his flyers…. WHAT??? (that was my reaction when he told me this at midnight a week before the party). Luckily, the people over at Lakes Cakes in Commerce Township, MI pulled through in the clutch and produced an AMAZING cake with sweat tasting buttercream frosting (not that hard sugary fondant stuff)!!!


It was a great night…  lots of family and friends there, I got to wear my “hussy shoes” (only a grandmother could name my shoes with such affection), the DJ was great and the location, Sweet Georgia Brown in Detroit, was classy as always…. check out the pics below…

IMG_0091IMG_0098papa and grannyIMG_0103cherish shoesgame 7 and cherishcherish and john on phoneIMG_0099john cherish keita

Happy Birthday Baby bro!!!

That’s all for now people…. I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling and had a lot of visitors in Chicago, so I’ve got plenty to post… just no time to do it. Friday?? I’m off to CABO!!!!! So take that CHICAGO – with your COLD weather! UGH!!

Item of the day – a Lottery Ticket – got get one. Get me one too. I’m trying to win by any means necessary at this point…. I’ll be back in the stores as soon as I win!!

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