Journey to Baja (Mexico)

I just came back from the most relaxing vacation I have ever had in my life! I was given the opportunity to be the only girl to crash the “annual boy’s trip” and I had no hesitation in accepting the offer. Flew into Cabo and drove an hour to the East Cape area, where we stayed at a friend’s house on the beach. The sun rises were amazing, the sunsets were beautiful, the weather was hot but breezy (perfect) and the secluded location, with no phone or internet service, was just what I needed. There were few houses, lots of “roaming animals” and no city attractions for miles. The nearest restaurant was a good 15 minutes away, on dark dirt roads. I could go on and on…. but my words could do this area of Mexico no justice… so enjoy the pics!!!


The item of the day…. Obama t-shirts!!!! I found this one a few months ago and haven’t seen one I like nearly as much (I added the blue tee underneath). Its subtle and yet, you get the point (cursive B O and a small ’08). Tons of people have asked me to pick on up for them but the store never seems to have any in stock (Gourmet Clothing in Chicago).


Cafepress has some cool designs and I’m considering picking up another one…. check out their website for some nice shirts… I also liked this one made famous by Madonna a few months ago….

obama shirt madonna

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