I’ve been MIA

Ok, I always say I’m going to write more and then I end up writing less… today I’m staring out at the Dan Ryan Expressway at the cars driving along at about 10 mph because the snow managed to ruin everyone’s commute. My 20 minute bus ride was nearly an hour! Not pretty in any way… So what’s been going on with me lately???

Thanksgiving 2008 was held at my place in Chicago… never again. My family was great and it was fun but all the planning?? No! I always associated that with people who are married and have kids.  told my step-mom and she pointed out that I’m nowhere near being married so why should everyone else have to wait. Well, valid point, but still… no more big holiday dinners! LOL… here are some pics from the day…

Getting ready for a LOUD game of PIT


My three year old cousin teaching my dad to use an iPod


Gabbi found my “extra” pair of UGG Classic Tall boots that I was planning to return to Zappos, wrote a check and wore them back to Canada


I swear this is the most high tech 3-year-old on earth!!


For those who have been reading this blog for years, you may remember a holiday trend… I always buy my Christmas gift for myself from my Granny… I usually tell her in October/November what I want and by Christmas its been well used… and this year is no exception! I was all over the UGG Knightsbridge boot! Its sooo warm and fluffy. The zipper in the back can be a bit of an aggravation every once in a while, but otherwise, they’ve been a GREAT friend in this cold weather.

IMG_0007 copy IMG_0008 crop

In honor of our new president-elect, Mr Barack Obama, I bought a new shirt to wear to show my support. While eating in Wishbone, some friends and I saw the shirts and inquired about them – turns out the guy wearing one had designed them himself. Not bad for $25… check out Angela and I modeling our shirts for the camera!

angela and cherish

With this sketch economy I’ve been limiting my personal shopping adventures and trying to focus on gift giving and saving… but in my search for a nice gift for “Bobby” I did come across these Palladium “Falkland” boots in DSW on the clearance rack… not bad

palladium boot

Its been a great year and I hope it manages to be even greater in the next couple of weeks! No item of the day…. I’m following up with my “Christmas Wishlist 2008” post… you find all the fun stuff in there!!

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