Inauguration Inspiration for Birthday Party Dresses

Yesterday was a beautiful day!! Yeah, for America!!! I changed my video from Will.I.Am to John Legend’s “If You’re Out There”, which he performed at the DNC in Denver, 2008. I love this song and had the opportunity a few months ago to see him perform it live! So very touching! He played a slide show of world leaders on the curtain during the song and ended with a beautiful portrait of President Barack Obama. I was so moved that day by what was yet to come!

With all of the events yesterday, the underlying question on the mind of so many women was “What will Michelle Obama wear??” Personally, I LOVED the “day time” outfit with the yellow/citron colored dress and jacket by Isabel Toledo, paired with green Jimmy Choo heels and olive J Crew gloves. It was PERFECT – and warm, since I hear the outfit was lined in cashmere!!! The whole family looked gorgeous, especially the kids, with their J Crew crewcuts coats and dresses, made just for them to wear for this special occasion.

obama family swear in 012009 michelle obama toledo 012009

The Jason Wu designed ball gown gave me mixed feelings – one minute I liked it the next I wasn’t so sure. In the end, I thought she looked very lovely, and they looked like a beautiful couple on the multiple dance floors.

michelle obama jason wu 12009 michelle obama jason wu dance 12009

Now that I’m no longer trying to guess what Michelle will wear its time to focus on me! With my upcoming birthday I’ve decided to crash my brother’s weekly party and make it my own. This means I need a FLY outfit to wear. My latest online search has been for dresses…. the only thing I had decided on was that it needed to be short. Yes, I am all about showing some leg!! While browsing on ShopBop I came across this beautiful dress named “Hyacinth”, made by designer Tibi

 musthave_trends_oneshoulder_tibi hibiscus 012109

Unfortunately, its not even available for purchase yet, AND we are in a recession so the proposed price tag of $425 is not quite acceptable for my budget. On another note, the dress got me thinking about the one-shoulder trend (also worn by First Lady Michelle Obama as seen above). The last time the one-shoulder fashions were in, I was not a fan… but I think I never really tried it on myself. So I’m being flexible and checking out some of those too. The only thing I’ve decided is that the dress must be SHORT and must NOT be black (I guess I do have too many black dresses, huh Gabbi?). The search begins… I will keep you posted on what the end result is!

As for now – I gotta get ready for my trip to Park City – Sundance, Here I come!

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