One Month – Spend No Money – Day Fifteen

OK, I have learned something else – Out of sight should NOT always mean out of mind…

So I’ve taken the charge cards out of my wallet, I keep my debit card and my emergency food gift cards with me and a lil cash. That’s it. Since I’m not spending I naturally suspended my almost daily checking account reviews. Bad idea. Imagine my surprise this weekend when I open my mail and realize I had a $35 overdraft fee on my checking account. On a Blockbuster night last week, Rob was supposed to get the movies but since I had to return one he “PayPal-ed” me some money and asked me to pick up the new ones, versus both of us making the trip. No problem, its no money off my back. So I open my wallet and see a $20 and a debit card. I figure I should save my cash and use the card, not a problem since I haven’t been using it, right?

Not so. When I paid my tithes and my Homecoming Dues after the automatic payments on my bills went through, I forgot to balance my checkbook… had I done so I would have noticed that there was $8 in my account, not enough for the $10.88 movies. So my cheap date turned into a $45.88 evening. Sigh.

While I don’t feel the need to check daily, I reminded myself that I need to maintain my usually routine of balancing the checkbook and reviewing against the online statements. Fortunately, a quick call to my bank got the charge removed and life goes on…

Saturday night was the house party event of 2009 (LOL) and Sunday was a snowed-in chill day of watching Pineapple Express, reruns of Platinum Weddings, Making the Band, Sportscenter and a bunch of other nonsense tv shows… now we are on Day 15. Week Three. Bring it on…

As for the item of the day… my cousin just got one of my “non American dream cars” – the Mini Cooper. Being from Detroit, we stick with our American car companies, but if I ever happen to be in a Mini Cooper dealership with my checkbook and nobody is looking, I just might have to be disowned from the family!!


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