One Month – Spend No Money – Day Twenty-One (POSTED LATE)

**I wrote this on Monday and forgot to post it**

This past weekend I went back to Detroit to spend some time with family. It was a great last minute decision and I came back to Chicago feeling refreshed about life. I had a lot of support for my challenge, which helped a great deal! My aunt Julie rode with me to Detroit (yes, that young chick in the pic is my aunt!). Not only did she get in the car with a 3-piece from Harold’s, she also shared a bag of Garrett’s caramel-cheese mix popcorn!! By the time we got to Gary, IN (for the non-Chi people that’s only about 30 minutes away) the lap of my gray jogging pants was covered in bright yellow splotches from the cheese!!! YUMMY!!!

When I arrived in Detroit my dad had purchased an 8-piece from Popeye’s to get me through the weekend! Go Dad! On Saturday morning my Granny fixed some grits while I hooked up toast and eggs then I was off to meet up with my maternal side of the fam. I did make a purchase – a greeting card, a gift card as my contribution to the fundraiser for my cousin Bobby’s family and a cute little trench coat from Target for Reina’s daughter’s birthday. I resisted the urge to buy candy, gum and everything else and went on my merry way. There was plenty of food at the event, hosted by some of his fraternity brothers. This was my first time hanging out with a house full of men of Alpha Phi Alpha since I graduated from college. LOL – It was cool and we had a great time!

What was planned to be a few hour visit turned into an all day stay. When I got home I was TIRED and plans to hang out were scrapped. I got good sleep and woke up late on Sunday. I was rushing to get back to Chicago and in my haste got 20 miles away before realizing I left my laptop. Had to double back for that and thus began the 4.5 hour journey through torrential downpours along I-94. My dad had given me $30 to get some breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Since my bill was only $8.47, I added the rest to my weekly grocery allowance and picked up some more fun things I was out of like Vanilla Wafers and caramel dips.

So what you got Week Four. We’re in the home stretch!!! YEAH!!!

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