Is hibernation the answer??

I am scared of the swine flu.

There, I said. I don’t want to travel anytime soon where I’m stuck on a plane and ever cough causes me to hyperventilate. I don’t even want to get on the bus anymore. I don’t want to go to the office where my engineering background is a constant reminder that I’m breathing the air that other people are breathing, that’s potentially recirculated more than it should be and not infused with fresh, outdoor air as often as required to prevent illness from spreading. I don’t want to go to Yoga class and I definitely am not using the “public mats” anymore if I ever go. I think twice before touching anything and three times before touching my face. I know the worst thing we can do is panic, but right now the best thing I can do is prevent and prepare…. this is just creepy!!

So now I’m trying to prevent myself from stocking up on canned goods and moving into my apartment for the next few months… But all of the news articles definitely aren’t helping! So, what do I do to take my mind off the potential danger looming over the globe?? SHOP. Well… in this economy its more like “window shop” or “web shop”. But I’ve found some great things lately.

Today my friend Tiffani convinced me to sign up for Yes, I’ve heard of it and have received soooo many invitations to join but swore I wouldn’t until I was in a better position to really shop. Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I caved…. and wow! I found some great things on there. The item of the day is this Leslie Greene diamond necklace. I would take this in place of the typical engagement/wedding ring anyway. Who needs a big ring to wear everyday? I’d much rather have a glam necklace that I can pull out for special occasions… or just wear to the gym or to bed or to the office… heck, if I had this necklace I’d wear it everywhere. LOL… regularly $31,185, but on sale at for the “low low” price $8,900. Yeah, I see you laughing too. Dream on….

leslie green infinity necklaceleslie green infinity necklace 2

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