Urban Balcony Garden Update

Don’t have time for much of a post since I’m doing this over my lunch, but I wanted to get these pics up since people kept asking! Here is the before pic from when I bought everything just over a month ago and there were all baby plants stored in this open box…

And now here’s what we have….


My “dill tree” (its growing so fast!), some parsley and the thyme (silver and golden)….


Rosemary, more parsley and basil (the basil is struggling)…


My mint container – orange mint, pineapple mint and chocolate mint… when the girls get in town for the 4th is mojitos for breakfast lunch and dinner every day!!


Romaine lettuce in a pot that is undoubtedly too small… what to do? what to do?


Strawberries…. I am clueless here, I’d be happy if I actually see one grow…


My prized Sweet 100s!!! (Cherry tomatoes). I am sooooo excited about this plant!

IMG_0528IMG_0529 IMG_0527 

The flowers of the tomatoes,a long with pics of the tomatoes that are growing now!

And since I’m on my green pedestal for now, today’s item of the day is the new Hefty garbage bag made with 65% recycled materials! People always complain that “green” products cost more or are of subpar quality… well not these bags! They are strong, costs the same as other bags (even less the first time I bought them) and are in my favorite color (silvery gray)! I just bought a box at Jewel-Osco in Chicago on sale for $4.99 for the smaller box of about 24 bags! Another alternative that is in the same price range is Seventh Generation, which sells 55% recycled content trash bags. Be sure to keep an eye out for them in your local stores!

hefty renew seventh gen

And while using recycled plastic for trash bags is better than using virgin plastic, if you want to go a step further with your “green-ness” then go with the biodegradable trash bags such as these made by BioBag USA! Reviews are mixed and it seems the bags may not be the best for heavy duty trashing (you can read in the specs that the Hefty bag is .92 mil and the BioBag is .72 mil… its also more expensive with only 12 bags to a box).


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