Just for Laughs Taping in Chicago

I’m catching up on all my back entries that were never posted…

A few weeks ago my best friend Sharon took the train to Chicago to have some fun! We found out that our friend comedian Roy Wood Jr. was performing so we bought tickets to the TBS Taping of their series The Very Funny Show that was held at Zanies during the Just for Laughs weekend. Before the show we made a quick run to Macy’s for me to pick up this strapless dress by Design History that I had been eyeing for weeks. Turns out it was 65% off the $98 price tag so I got a pretty good deal!

yellow dress

When I say we had a good time, we had a GOOD TIME!!! The show was extremely funny and was hosted by comedian Tim Meadows (native of our hometown Detroit). Roy, as always, gave us plenty of laughed in his Southern accent! One of the other performers, Erin Jackson, was absolutely hilarious as she talked about dating and the Obama family; as was the young Michael Palascak who had us in tears as he told his storied of living at home with his parents.

After the show, Sharon and I hung out with Roy and got the chance to see another show with Patrice O’Neal, who had the crowd howling as he told stories about females and our “flaws” such as talking too much… I can’t imagine that his show will be shown on TV, unless they do a lot of *bleeping*. LOL… but he was hilarious. Comedian Jim Breuer was there also and we got a group photo with him…


Then there was an after-set (or something like that) for the comedians at Crimson Lounge that night, so after Sharon challenged (and beat) a random dude in a dance off….


…we headed over to the lounge for a late night of drinks and dancing…


The item of the day is the Lupe Fiasco edition of the Converse Chuck Taylor (RED) shoe… I rarely wear gym shoes as a fashion statement anymore, but these just might take me back to those days… I tried them on yesterday and couldn’t bring myself to like the $130 price tag offered at Succezz store in Chicago (especially not with the lack of customer service they offered as they tried repeatedly to convince of my “correct shoe size” by bringing shoes that didn’t fit, and telling me my feet must be messed up… all along they were reading the wrong number on the box thinking it was the size I needed)… apparently, there was a good reason I held out since I’m seeing them online for much less anyway… I have some debating to do!!! LOL


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