Motorcycle Jeans – Great find at Macy’s

The biggest kept secret in shopping at Macy’s is the end of season “wipe out”. A couple of times a year, when the next season is coming in and the old stuff needs to get out, Macy’s reduced the outgoing clearance to a ridiculously low price. Ridiculously low. (I just had to repeat that).

Well, I just happened to breeze in Monday and walk into the middle of the madness… well, really there was no madness since apparently not too many other people knew about the $15 racks. Yes, I said $15. A number of items, with various original prices, had been reduced to a mere $15. I found a pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans, with pink stitching, originally priced at $185. They were in Gabbi’s size so I snatched them up!. For April, I found a very cute Matty M “mosaic” sleeveless top with a design on the shoulder straps, originally for $88. For myself, I had to snatch up these Pratt’s Motor Spirit jeans in a vintage charcoal wash. Regularly priced at $198, on sale for the low-low price of $15!!

pratt blkjeansqs

I love them even more, now that I know one of my favorite fashionistas, Rihanna, owns a pair!!

pratt Rihanna leaving Da Silvano restaurant - Mar '09

3 thoughts on “Motorcycle Jeans – Great find at Macy’s

  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw some knock offs of these jeans at Target the other day.


  2. I absolutely LOVE Target!! When I lived in Minneapolis they has the best Target stores.


  3. nice jeans and nice your all pic good target.


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