Ten Years and Counting

I’ve definitely heard many people -family, friends and strangers alike – who feel a desire to voice their opinions or thoughts on Greek life. Not Greek as in “Greece”, but Greek as in Black Greek. As in the National Pan-Hellenic Council of 9 historic organizations who share many common bonds while each possessing a distinct stereotype that many who sit on the outside use as a way to label the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have experienced membership in these families.

AlphaKappaAlphaSimple_large headergreek


Yes, I said FAMILIES, not organizations. There is a business component to each of these (anyone who has read the news recently may have heard negative comments about the business end of my organization) but the bonds developed are, for me, the most treasured part of the experience. I’ve included in this post some of my most treasured memories over the years!

 stepshow00y2k_ Monicas weddingPre Pep-Rally Y2K 2

As a proud woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I don’t have time to waste convincing people of the truth behind the stereotype. There are too many other ways to spend those precious moments in life, especially when most many people have already made their minds up, often based on he said-she said, speculated rumors, or the worst of all, the oh-so dangerous “pillow talk”. This past weekend, on a girl’s trip to Los Angeles, I was reminded of why I would not trade my AKA experience for the world. I had the time of my life as I celebrated with one of my line sisters (the term which refers to the women who pledged with you) turning 30, another 29, another preparing for her upcoming wedding, another coming to terms with her new single life, one playing gracious host and a big sister of one of the girls whom we’ve all claimed as a part of the family.


This trip is one of many get-togethers I’ve had, this year alone, where I’ve managed to spend time with many of the women who crossed with me on October 31, 1999 on the campus of Tennessee State University in Nashville – nearly 10 years ago. I LOVE my sisters of Y2Kute!!!

 IMG_0118kickin it in the roomIMG_0115 IMG_2214IMG_1989IMG_4306

The Chicago girls have regular slumber parties and meet ups to catch up on each other’s lives, I spent a weekend with the Atlanta crew tearing up the town in July (see below) and this past holiday spent in LA with girls from different parts of the country. And we will gather again in October for one of the few weddings that occurred this year, and yet again in Nashville to celebrate our 10th year as sisters over homecoming.

 group pic at velvetIMG_0629IMG_0590

It hasn’t been EASY, I can’t even lie. Imagine becoming sisters with women from different walks of life, from different backgrounds, different regions, with different personalities. Sounds fun, right? LOL… all i can say is, the experience has been, and continues to be, like NO OTHER. I love you ladies and can’t wait to see you all in November, back where it all started!!!


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