Chicago Date Night

With our busy/conflicting schedules its often hard for “Bobby” and I to do a real “Date night”. So this week we put it in Outlook and set the time aside for some food, fun and dancing! He picked me up and we headed to Flatwater, a beautiful restaurant on the Chicago River that is rated one of the “Best Date Spots” by Citysearch. Upon telling the host that it was a late anniversary celebration (I’ve kept him for over 2 whole years!) they went right to work, making sure the entire experience was enjoyable.

We started with a couple of drinks (my Mango Tango Martini was tasty but WAYYYY too strong!) and Bobby ordered a great variety of my favorite appetizers from the simple yet elegant menu – Seared Scallops (TO DIE FOR), Brushcetta (which he told me had mushrooms on it – which I hate – but I later discovered they were roasted beets) and Homemade Guacamole (I LOVE guac with flour tortilla chips any day). With so many appetizers I knew I wouldn’t be too hungry, but the soup of the day was my absolute favorite and I had to order it – Butternut Squash! Bobby, on the other hand, had more of an appetite and went with the recommended entree – Grilled Pork Chop with Fennel Slaw and Whipped Potatoes. We ended up sharing the entree and soup, actually swapping plates at one point!

Next up – The Joynt – a retro piano bar in River North. While there were plenty of music rooms to chose from, we settled in with the live band in the Swing Bar. The band was awesome, we danced a little, laughed a lot and chatted with some folks in town from Cali for the Notre Dame vs SoCal football game. All in all, it was an awesome night! Still not posting “face pics”, but here we are having a blast!! (LOL)


For the Item of the Day, I recently read, over at about OPI and Dell coming together for a new line of fashion forward laptops based on OPI’s constantly changing, oh-so-cool nail polish colors! The new designs will be available in time for the holiday in Dell’s Design Studio. Absolutely awesome!!

dell opi laptop

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