The Big Reveal

OK, ok, ok…. I guess Bobby has been a mystery for long enough… LOL. I had a few comments and emails, both here and on Facebook, asking why I’m still “covering” him up. No real reason… it was fun in the beginning since we were just dating and I didn’t want folks to “be all in my business” and know who I was dating (since we have some common circles)…. But now, its been a couple of years and things are awesome, so I guess I can start posting “face pics” of him 🙂

Here’s the “real” version of the Date Night pic, along with another pic from that evening of fine dining and dancing… (wow, my heels must have been sky high and I was standing on a step or something because he’s WAY taller than me, despite the pic on the right!!!)


Eat your heart out ladies – this tall hunk of chocolate is TAKEN!!!

6 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. Styln says:

    Congrats on your new blog! So glad to finally see the elusive Bobby! What a handsome man! You two make a beautiful couple! You Go Girl!!!


  2. CONGRATS!!! I read the other one last week and I was all confused like huh! Do your thang! See you in 3 weeks!! Yes you know I am a slacker and have 0 outfits yet…lol..I should have hired you!!


  3. How did you get all your posts from the other blog to move??


  4. @Styln – thanks for following me over here!!! And for the compliment – he is a handsome one 😉

    @Sophoria – Girl I am soooo excited to see you all! Is it really 3 weeks away?? Dang.. so far. LOL
    As for the posts – I went to this website, downloaded the software, and followed the instructions. Super easy!!


  5. Yay “Bobby” has finally been revealed!!!!! Now when go I get to meet him!!!!!! And congrats on moving to this site!!! I use this for mine and Aidens blogs as well!!! Very easy to use!!!


  6. I don't know when you'll meet him.. I'm definitely not bringing him to homecoming!!! (LOL)


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