Homecoming Recap

Last week had the opportunity to return to my undergraduate alma mater and spend a few days “on the yard”. The celebration also included a number of events with my line sisters as we celebrated our 10th anniversary as women of Alpha Kappa Alpha. I had an awesome time!

In a previous post I mentioned my search for the perfect part dress to wear to homecoming. I settled on the “Crush (Sweet) on You” dress by French Connection. Given the choice between black and red, I went with red, because I absolutely love to stand out! Macy’s had a sale going on that reduced the price quite significantly. Coupled with a credit from a past return, the price was right on target! I completed my ensemble with a pair of Zigi Soho Zipora ankle boots from DSW (used a few coupon codes and saved 30% off plus shipping!) Not the greatest pic of me in the dress, but it will do… LOL

cherish in red dressfrench connection crush on you 

In “The Hole” with my two “adopted big brothers” wearing their respective colors…

jobe cherish ken

This is a party going on at 2PM… if you’ve never experienced an HBCU homecoming you probably can’t understand…


Hanging out with my gorgeous line sister and fellow blogger over at “OH BABY!!!”


It was a good trip back, after 5 years away. Good to see all the changes to the campus, and most importantly, get one of those good ol’ Jefferson Street fried fish sandwiches with hot sauce and white bread…

fish sandwich

For the Item of the day, I am researching “wedge pillows”. As a “victim” of acid reflux for many years now, I have finally decided to quit being lazy and fight back. In my search for behavioral and dietary suggestions (including NOT eating FRIED fish, on WHITE bread, with HOT sauce on it) I read numerous times that elevating the bed 6-8 inches is an easy remedy. Well, i have a fear of my bed sliding off the bricks/blocks or whatever I use to elevate it so I’ve never done it. Well, apparently wedge pillows will give the same effect. Probably takes some getting used to, sleeping in that position, but I’m willing to try it. Adding it to my Christmas list now… I‘m not sure which one to get, some look ok…

wedge pillow

while others look downright uncomfortable…

wedge pillow child

I guess we’ll find out!

3 thoughts on “Homecoming Recap

  1. Styln says:

    Wow! looks like you had lots of fun. Girl, that outfit is HOT! LOVE the dress and shoes! It looks great on you, soooo cute. OMG!!!!!I WANT THOSE SHOES!

    PS: RE: Acid Reflux condition, don't forget to also focus on the internal healing aspect.

    Be blessed and healthy, Styln;)


  2. buhdoop says:

    Skeewee my soror! Looks like you had a blast.


  3. @Styln – the shoes were a hit! And they weren't too bad to walk/dance in either, despite the sky-high heel! I'm definitely taking your advice on the internal healing… I have to do better!

    @buhdoop – thanks for stopping by soror! We had an awesome time!


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