Christmas Round-up (Late)

I had a wonderful Christmas back home with the family! It was like the “gadget Christmas”, which for a geek like me is heaven! I got a Wii game system, a new Canon Digital Elph camera, some makeup from Sephora, a Macy’s giftcard, cash (who-hoo) and a Links of London watch. All GREAT gifts!! I got to spent time with the family and had dinner with my girls!

The watch was the true surprise, as I have been wanting a new watch for quite some team (I keep posting them on the blog around Christmas but I never went out to look for one). I have blindly walked past the Links of London counter at Macy’s numerous times, yet never paused to look down. Well, now i can’ stop looking at my wrist. I may even sleep in it tonight! (Ok, not really, but I hate to ever take it off!)

Here is a pic… I’ll have to post one wearing it later!

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