Hot new magazine – Swaggr

Its late and I’m tired… but I wanted to make sure I gave you all a heads up on a magazine I came across in an email link. I was just about to hit “delete” then paused and decided to check out the magazine, in case I saw some interesting clothes for future blog posts. Imagine my surprise when music began to play and the on-screen magazine pages came to life with interactive advertisements and awesome photographic images. I immediately sent the link to a few friends, all of whom has proclaimed this to be one of their new favorite magazines!

Check out for the online issues, which take magazine reading to a level I’ve never seen! The articles cover hip-hop artists, new products and technology tools, industry related fashions and accessories, and plenty of other cool topics.

Check it out and I hope you enjoy it!
**watch the volume if you’re at work, the music plays when the page opens.

2 thoughts on “Hot new magazine – Swaggr

  1. Styln says:

    Looks interesting! Thanks for the heads up!


  2. No prob! I was very intrigued by the concept!


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